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Not everyone has a naturally perfect smile. Crooked, crowded or poorly aligned teeth and misaligned jaws are not uncommon, but many people don’t know that such problems are not only cosmetic.

Disorder in your mouth also has health risks, some of which are:

  • Inability to properly chew food, which may lead to digestive problems
  • Danger of breaking a tooth due to strain in jaws or teeth   
  • Difficulty maintaining dental hygiene, which may result in tooth decay, periodontitis (perio disease), gingivitis, gum inflammation/recession, and eventually, loss of bone tissue and teeth
  • Psychological problems, low self-esteem due of unsightly appearance

All these conditions can be corrected or avoided with the help of orthodontics – an area of cosmetic dentistry that corrects teeth and jaw problems using special devices, like various orthodontic braces and retainers. Orthodontics at Dr. Sherri Worth’s office is devoted to bringing teeth, lips, and jaws into proper alignment to create beautiful smiles for our Newport Beach and Orange County patients.

Orthodontic Treatments in Newport Beach

Various braces and orthodontic retainers are the most common devices that put gentle pressure on misaligned teeth to slowly force them into a proper position. Besides crooked teeth, braces are used to treat bite misalignment and some other teeth and jaw problems.

Our cosmetic and reconstructive dental offices in Newport Beach offer several painless orthodontic treatment options, including the most popular:

  • Dental braces: These light metal constructions are semi-permanently attached to the outer side of your teeth. Braces are a popular choice because of their affordability and a shorter treatment time. Orthodontic braces cannot be removed without the help of an orthodontist and their use requires regular professional cleaning to prevent accumulation of dental plaque.
  • Orthodontic retainers: They are removable metallic devices that consist of plastic and wires, and completely hide inside a patient’s mouth. They are often used following the treatment with orthodontic braces to help keep the teeth and gums settle in their new position. Retainers are also helpful in correcting overbite, underbite and crossbite.
  • Invisalign® invisible braces: Invisalign® is gaining more and more popularity because of its convenience and aesthetic qualities. These light, plastic aligners are discreet, more comfortable than traditional orthodontic braces, and most importantly, can be easily removed any time at your convenience. That allows you to clean your teeth as well as enjoy any food without worrying about breaking your braces or having food trapped between the brace and your teeth. Invisalign® also requires fewer trips to your dental office.

How Long Does the Orthodontic Smile Makeover Take?

The entire process of orthodontic treatment usually takes anywhere from one to three years, depending on the complexity of the case. Not all types of treatments may be suitable for you based on your specific situation. Dr. Sherri Worth will examine your teeth and recommend an appropriate treatment for you based on your individual case.

Orthodontics Cost & Insurance

The cost of orthodontic treatments is determined by several factors, like the level of complexity, materials being used, and the length of treatment. Most orthodontic treatments in California are covered by dental insurance, so be sure to check with your insurance provider if you are considering braces, retainers or Invisalign®. Dr. Sherri Worth’s Newport Beach team is also happy to help you find out if your treatment will be covered by your orthodontic insurance plan.

Find an Orthodontics Expert in Newport Beach

Orthodontics is a very complex field, and in order to receive a complication- and pain-free treatment with great results, it is very important to find a highly qualified orthodontist with outstanding references. Over the years, Dr. Sherri Worth and her team have earned the highest credentials by changing the lives of many patients and giving them not only beautiful, but healthy smiles. As a patient of Dr. Worth, you will be treated with the most advanced equipment and techniques available in contemporary dentistry.

To discuss your orthodontic needs, schedule an appointment today at Dr. Worth’s cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry offices in Newport Beach.

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